Meg in Spain

I have finally arrived at my hotel in Barelona. Whew. It’s 1:40 pm local time, and it’s been a busy day so far. The flight from JFK to Madrid was great because I had two seats to stretch out in, and it was bad because we sat on the runway for an hour and a half before take-off. As a result, I missed my connecting flight (though not for lack of effort! I RAN through the airport in a great attempt to catch that plane.) Anyway, all my luggage and I took the next flight and here we are.

I won’t have much to write today because my hotel room, unlike my room on the ship, has no American outlets. So I have no ipod battery left and dwindling laptop battery.

I leave the hotel at 7:15 tomorrow morning for my Solstice embarkation. I’m looking forward to getting my luggage to a resting place, buying a phone card, and settling in.

Love to everybody,


5 thoughts on “Meg in Spain

  1. Enjoy every moment. I have had my first shower since Tuesday, so I am sure you will enjoy the same luxury after multiple time zones. We are so excited for you, tell us all about it. The best lemons I ever tasted when I was growing up were “Barcelona lemons”, so if you get a taste of something lemony, see if it is good. Be safe. You make good decisions………..LOL

    • My shower at the hotel is super nice! In fact, the whole hotel is super nice. It’s the Barcelona Renaissance Airport Hotel… Kippy should stay here when she comes over.
      I bought a cup of fresh cherries at a market this afternoon, and they put a lemon in my coke. The fruit so far is AWESOME.

      weird thing about my hotel: it has a bidet.

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