in the laundry room

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Hi people.

I’m sitting on Deck 1 at present, doing my laundry. Laundry on the ship is always a pain, as there are six washers and dryers for more than 1200 crew, and usually 20-50% of them are broken. As a glassblower I spend only a few hours a day wearing my uniform, and lots of time in my own clothes, so that means lots more laundry for me. Also, my room steward hasn’t been showing up, so I’ve broken the rules and have tossed my glassblowing khakis and CMoG t-shirts in, too. I’m thinking happy thoughts for my laundry though, there’s just one temperature in the washer: scalding. Hopefully my boiled clothes will all fit when I’m through.

Today the ship is docked in Piraeus, Greece, just a short trip from Athens. This is my first time being anywhere near Athens, but I had training this morning so I couldn’t leave early with Diane and it would be a bad idea to try to navigate the public transport here without a buddy. Instead I went to the gym then went to a wifi café with acapella and Louise, a dancer from Scotland. The internet wasn’t working well enough to change my facebook status, it was really hot, and a can of warm diet coke cost three Euros. Bonk. Since it’s Sunday, everything but this stupid café was closed. So after about 30 minutes I gave up on Piraeus and took it as a sign that laundry has to happen now. Finally.

The Glass Shows have been lots of fun, and last night Oz, who is from Honduras, came to the stage to do a translated show for the Spanish-speaking guests. Laurie made a huge 4 or five gather bowl that maxed out the glory hole. I was AMAZED. Laurie is 5’2” and about 100 lbs, and the strongest female glassblower I’ve worked with. Small, but Mighty. Our show ended a little late at 8:15, and we had plans to go to dinner in the formal dining room. Since we were not about to give up on that, we cleaned up the stage and were in our rooms getting ready at 8:32, and I am so proud of us that we were showered, dressed-up, and ready for dinner by the 8:45 seating. I had a fruit medley, followed by French onion, soup, and then a steak. It was great.

Yesterday we were in Kusadasi, Turkey. The archeological sights to see near Kusadasi are all in Ephesus, and again, training got in the way of me doing a proper tourist visit. Instead I wandered around the bazaars near the port, and it was a lot of fun. Good things: you can use US dollars, and it’s all VERY cheap. The guys at all the market stalls are very aggressively trying to sell you things, and I tried different strategies of pretending not to speak English (though they then proceeded to try to talk to me in Spanish, French, German, and other languages I couldn’t decipher), I pretended to be deaf, and I did my best to keep my sunglasses on and not make eye contact with anyone. If I said, “No thanks, I’m just looking.” They would say, “Is no problem, I’m just selling.” One man in particular kept following me with designer perfumes telling me it was just 1 Euro, and I told him no thanks, no thanks, no thanks, then I had what I thought was the bright idea to say, “I can’t, I’m allergic.” He didn’t skip a beat and said right away, “Is no problem, I am a doctor, and this is safe for you.”

Wandering there is a big shot to the self esteem because they shout out progressively more flattering compliments as you walk by trying to get you to come in their stores.

There are designer knock-offs everywhere and lots of leather and jewelry. I ended up buying a white cotton dress (a necessity in this HOT weather we are having). When I asked him the price he said $100, I told him I was crew and I was poor, so then the crew price was $80, and eventually I got it for $27. Compared to the prices I saw in Mykonos, I did a happy dance.

Tonight’s glassblowing show will be a special one. Celebrity has a partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Fund and tonight is our “Pink” show. Activities staff will sell Solstice breast cancer tee-shirts, and we will make everything pink. One of the pieces we make tonight will be auctioned away to raise funds at the end of the cruise. I’m excited, and I’ve picked out a little excerpt of Jen’s blog to read while I’m on the mic. I’m going to make a vessel for Maren’s Heart; it will be more beautiful and colorful on the inside instead of the outside, and it will have loop-dee-loops on it.

Love to everybody,

xo meg


One thought on “in the laundry room

  1. I like your idea of making a Maren heart vessel and telling the story with it. I think Maren would do a happy dance if you sent her a picture!

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