Venice One

Overnight! Our ship spent the night in Venice! Martin, Emanuel, Jakob, Rasmus, Diane and I all took the shuttle boat from the port to Saint Marc’s Square, then had a great walk and ramble by foot zigzagging toward Piazza Roma.

For dinner we went back to the ship to eat at Silk with Laurie, Mathieu (activities staff), and Louise. Silk Harvest is a specialty restaurant on the Solstice that they don’t have on the Eclipse, and it is AMAZING. (Katie, you will love it.) The table ordered just about every plate on the menu to share, and I ate spring rolls, sushi, shrimp, lettuce wraps, several things I can’t identify or spell, and only a tiny bit of fried rice. With hot sake. It was really, really good food. Mom and Chris, you would be proud I tried so many weird foods. If you are going to try weird foods though, a restaurant on our ships is an easy place to do it because they do everything so well.

The meal lasted almost three hours; we finished with coffee and fortune cookies, and then adjourned to play pool on Deck 2. Or rather, we watched Diane school everyone else in pool. She’s really good at it.

The lounge with the pool table is called Connexions (another hilarious name), and it’s next door to Mingles. While pool was happening, Alberto, the new flamenco guitarist, came down and he played Summertime from Porgy and Bess—flamenco style–while and Emanuel and Rasmus sang. If you went to Hidden Hollow Camp with me, Alberto reminds me a LOT of Chef Randy. I’m trying to come up with the punch line to the joke that begins with “a flamenco guitarist, an a cappella singer, and a glassblower walk into a bar…” The ships are a strange place, and some genuinely nice and interesting artists surround me.

I miss my people at home; I love to hear what is happening in your lives.

Love Meg.


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