Venice Two.

Hi People.

Big Week. There are good things and hard things and heavy things and fun things. Yesterday was Jen’s last chemo. Heavy. Happy.

I started the day yesterday getting up early with Diane to take the water shuttle to Piazzo San Marco in Venice, and we had a great time walking, talking, and exploring. Diane is a great person to adventure with, and equally fun to shop with—even though I managed to buy nothing. We met up with Emanuel for a late lunch where I ate… spaghetti! Of course.

We took the boat ride back to the port, then met in Sky Lounge on Deck 14 to watch sail away with Laurie and Martin. Diane and I drank bellinis; we sat in comfy chairs, and had really great conversation while we sailed past Venice. It’s an absolutely beautiful port to sail away from. I showed everyone the drawing Maren did of Jen and we clinked our glasses for chemo, for cancer obliteration healing, and for family. Then Laurie handed me the BATPHONE. The Batphone is an iPhone that Corning gives the glass team leader for really important phone calls. Laurie touched my heart by letting me call Jen while Jen was in her chemo chair, and I was watching Venice go by. I really miss my big sister.

This has also been a hard week for my Mom. Mom’s recovering from Big surgery, and it hurts her. That hurts me. My mom is a strong lady, and I can’t wait for her to feel good again. Like herself again. Thank you to everybody who is looking after her while I’m away; I wish I could be in two places.

Tonight we are going to do our Pink Show on the hot glass stage, and last night Laurie and I brainstormed about how we want to tell this week’s story in glass. We are going BIG. I’m going to gaffe, but Laurie will be backing me up on the pipe, helping take heats, and helping me turn. I’m going to work really hard, and I’m going to need help. If we put the right amount of good energy into it, it will be big, and beautiful, and colorful and explosive and it will celebrate where Jen and Mom have come in their fights against cancer. I’m really excited.

Love Meg


One thought on “Venice Two.

  1. Love the stories Meggie! I am living your adventures vicariously. I love the pictures too. The miles don’t matter. Xoxo

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