sea day

I’m back in the laundry room taking one for the team: I have all three girls’ khaki pants in the washer at present so we will look and smell oh-so-fancy for our shows this week. Poor Diane has a migraine headache so she is taking the day off and Laurie and I are doing two-woman shows. It went smoothly this morning, but I’ll be excited when Diane is back with us.

Yesterday Diane and I had a great lunch in Barcelona (I ate spaghetti), then we tried to visit a Gaudi house that turned out to be closed on Wednesdays. I laugh at myself all the time out here because I generally have no clue what the date is, what day of the week it is, or where in the world I am headed next. The Gaudi trip wasn’t a bust though, just seeing the gate and the exterior was fantastic. I’ve put pictures of it on my facebook and I will try to get them on the blog when I find some free wifi.

It was a busy afternoon and evening doing inventory of all of our supplies and equipment, something that we hopefully wont have to do again during my contract. Last night was pretty special: it was Jen’s birthday, so at 7PM her time and 1AM my time, Rasmus, Jakob, Emanuel and Martin sang happy birthday into the phone for her. It’s pretty typical for our family to sing at each other on birthdays, but while we are enthusiastic we are not so musically talented. I was excited that I could have The Ringmasters, the 2012 world champion barbershop quartet, do my singing for me. (You should look them up on youtube, they are fantastic.) I hope it came across ok through the phone. I found out today that the ‘happy birthday’ woke up Diane (my cabin neighbor) but she said it made her happy.

Another highlight of my week was hearing my garden update from Chris. He tells me that another massive wave of tomatoes are ripening and that he’s letting the eggplant get REAL BIG. He says Fancy has eaten most of the green beans. I’ve been really happy about the fresh fruit and juice I’ve enjoyed when we are at port, but I’m positive that the tomatoes from my backyard are the best in the world. Oh well. Next year I’ll be there to harvest and eat.

Tomorrow we are headed to Rome, and I’m really looking forward to that.

Love to everybody at home. xo Meg


4 thoughts on “sea day

  1. Meg, your laundry skills have really improved since the volley ball/trrack piles of smelly gear that I saw on a regular basis, not to mention Chris can’t help freestyle arting on his clothes – you have the skills, so you get the job – way to go! Seriously, spagetti in Barcelona – what was on it???? – I am so busy following you around the world Now, i have to look up Gaudi. i go on a little vacation every time I read your story. Keep telling us all about it.

  2. Wow I just saw two YOU TUBE videos showing Gaudi’s amazing work!!! Reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ whimsical style with nature and classical rolled in there too! Thanks for expanding my world thru your trips! Love, Aunt Annie

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