Family Dinner.

Last night Laurie, Mathieu, Diane, Martin, Jason (production cast singer), Jakob, Emanuel, Peter (audio/visual specialist) and I ate dinner at Tuscan, a specialty restaurant on deck five.
It is hands down the best food I’ve ever been served, but better than that was the company. We laughed and smiled and shared stories and just had fun.
I can’t wait to sit around my kitchen table that Chris built and be surrounded by my people again, but I feel so lucky to have good friends here.
I don’t know how to say this well, but Cancer has made me feel all my feelings really hard. I can go from feeling deep worry, to intense artistic stimulation, to big loneliness, to pure peace and joy. I am so fortunate to have managed to find myself surrounded by kindness and love where I never expected it, and when i need it the most. Being able to take this job, this opportunity, has turned into so much more of a gift than I thought it would be, and a big part of that is because of the real people I’ve gotten to know. I know they care about Jen and Mom, and I know they care about me. That feels good.



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