Santorini (on the previous cruise, belated post)

What a great day.

I woke up at 6:40 and got on the first tender boat off the ship at 7:00 AM with Jason, Emanuel, and Jakob. We waited at a coffee shop on the pier for Ashley, Jason’s girlfriend, who had to take a passenger tender a little while later. I drank some greek coffee after being encouraged to try it by one of the officers who was working at the tender station. This guy lives in my corridor on deck three, he is always smiling and friendly, but I can’t understand a word he says or pronounce his name, which seems to be all capital letters.

When Ashley joined us we went up the cliff in the cable cars and had about a five-minute walk to a place to rent ATVs. ATVs are an AWESOME way to explore Santorini. We were riding all around early in the morning taking in the most amazing views. There was mist in the mountains and it was so, so beautiful. Jakob led the way and took us to a neat area where we parked and had a mini-hike to a spot to swim. It was still cool in the morning and the water wasn’t super warm, so I stayed dry, but Jakob and Jason had a swim. I really enjoyed hanging out with Ashley, she’s good people. We got back on the ATV’s and had a huge ride for a couple hours that took us to the other end of the island and to a black sand beach. We had big naps in nice cabannas, I had an amazing chocolate milk shake and some fried potatoes, good conversations with Ashley while the boys continued to sleep, and spent some time with my toes in the water.

Rode back to the city, then of course we walked down the donkey path back to the tender boat.

I love Santorini.









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