I’m writing here to share my experience while I’m away from my home in Ohio. I work onboard the Celebrity Solstice as a glassblower for the Corning Museum of Glass, and I will be based out of Barcelona until October 26, 2012. In our family, geography has nothing to do with how close you are to the people you love.



One thought on “helloeverybody

  1. Hi – I was recently on the Solstice and was at a final show where you galz were making a bee. Since we had to leave the next day – I was wondering if you got a chance to take a picture of it – if I may get a chance to see how it came out? My friend is a bee keeper and I wanted to show it to him. If there is another page/link I should go to please let me know – email kookaburra98@aol.com Thanks a million. Best of Luck to you both – it was a fantastic experience to see this done and to watch the demonstrations. I’ve learned alot an appreciate more the art and hard work that goes into a piece. Warm Regards. Deb

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